RECIPE: Banoffee, Hazelnut and Frangelico Cake

Melie's Kitchen Photo of Banoffee Cake on What's Yummy by Hadlow Girls

No matter how many baking books you have, there is always room for another one on the shelf - especially when it's as beautiful as "Melie's Kitchen" by Amelia Ferrier. With zero boring recipes, it features original flavour combinations and has fantastic step-by-step pages that teach you how to replicate her elaborate creations. If you're in the mood for baking this … Continue reading RECIPE: Banoffee, Hazelnut and Frangelico Cake

RECIPE: Lemon Citrus Cake

Nothing is more comforting on a cold day than the smell of baking, wafting through the house. Easy to make, light and zesty, this cake recipe found on the Humble Honey Soda website is an aromatic combination of honey and lemon, which is sure to soothe away any winter blues. Humble Honey Soda is a naturally replenishing honey soda that promotes … Continue reading RECIPE: Lemon Citrus Cake

RECIPE: Guilt-free Choc Cookies

This is an easy recipe for refined-sugar free, chocolate chunk cookies. It came about as a result of my regular cookie-cravings and some experimenting in the kitchen! RECIPE Mix together the following dry ingredients in a bowl: 1/2 cup Brown Rice Flour 1/2 cup Wholemeal Spelt Flour 3tbsp raw cacao powder 2tbsp chia seeds Then, … Continue reading RECIPE: Guilt-free Choc Cookies

RECIPE: Healthy Banana Bread

Nothing quite beats a delicious banana bread. I have made numerous banana bread's in my 19 years of life - starting with the Edmond's Cookbook classic when I was 10 through to my own scrumptious yet healthy creations as I have grown older. Whenever I bake, I like to use wholesome ingredients, whether it be … Continue reading RECIPE: Healthy Banana Bread

Recipe: Golden Coconut Granola

Granola. One of the tastiest foods in the world! We could eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner and be totally satisfied. Here is a coconutty version of a recipe that Victoria likes to make, which smells heavenly and is rather delicious too. Ingredients: 250g whole almonds 100g flaked almonds 50g coconut chips 100g buckwheat … Continue reading Recipe: Golden Coconut Granola