Pana Chocolate

While some people might be able to stop at one or two pieces, we demolish it by the block.  Pana Chocolate has long been a favourite indulgence of my sisters and I, so it was about time that one of us made our way to its physical source.

The Pana Chocolate shop in Sydney is an extension of the infamous raw chocolate brand, where all the cakes and chocolate are raw (produced using minimal heat), organic, vegan and handmade, free from dairy, soy, gluten and refined sugar.  As a result, the rich treats that you would think are sinful, are in fact, quite far from it.

When I visited recently with my mum, we had a five piece tasting platter, which was a lucky-dip combination of artfully crafted raw slices, plus a lemon slice and a rocky road easter egg – ’tis the season!  With high-energy ingredients such as nuts, cacao butter, dates and coconut, you will probably be satisfied with about half this amount (I was just covering all bases for “blogging purposes”).

They also have an all-day menu that includes a mango smoothie bowl, sticky date waffles, crepes and a Pana-chocolate smoothie. Yum.

Pana Chocolate bars are stocked at plenty of health stores in New Zealand and around the world, including our personal favourite online store, Natural Things.  If you can’t decide on what flavours to try, we’d recommend the “Sour Cherry and Vanilla” and “Coconut and Goji”.

I loved the cafe, as it was bright, spacious and had beautiful interiors.  I would recommend you try it out!

Claudia x

Location: 21 Fountain Street, Alexandria, NSW, 2015. Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10am-4:30pm / Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

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