As a final ode to the month that has been ‘Junk Free June’, here is our review of Mary’s in St. Mary’s Bay, where we found healthy options for a recent Sunday lunch.

The building itself is easily identified with its brick exterior and unique deco-style window arching across the top of its road-front wall. When you walk inside, the substantial size of the cafe is surprising. It has a lovely bright entrance area with plenty of seating and some captivating artwork on the walls. The cafe gets progressively darker as you walk down the room, until you reach the outdoor patio that is lightly shaded by a few green and leafy trees.

The large, all-day brunch menu is similar to that of Shore Rd cafe in Remuera, so if you’re a fan of that cafe’s infamous scrambled eggs or black sticky rice, you’ll be pleased to know you can know find them here at Mary’s on the other side of town.

On our visit, Charlotte, Laura and Claudia all chose the healthiest option (in our opinion) from the menu being the ‘Power salad’ with eggs, avocado, haloumi cheese, mushrooms, tomato and salad. I thought I’d try add a bit of variety to this review, so went for an avocado, egg and hollandaise combo – typically on sour dough, but I went for wholegrain instead. Our guest of honour (aka Mama Hadlow) ordered a mix of the beetroot and quinoa salads from the cabinet, which were generously portioned. We liked that picking something nutritious and tasty was easy for us all.

Further to the cabinet salads, there are lots of cakes, sandwiches, biscuits and slices to choose from for alongside your coffee or to finish your meal on a high.

The service was ok, relatively attentive and with a good knowledge of the menu. Our coffees were great.

We’d recommend a visit if you are looking for somewhere new with solid servings of healthy food, lots of seating and an outdoor area, for days when the weather is fine!

Hadlow Girls x

Location: 13 St Mary’s Bay Road, St Mary’s Bay (ph 09 360 7260)



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