In a prime location, nestled in the heart of Parnell and opposite the Rose Gardens, you’ll find Rosie. It’s a cafe come restaurant that is always busy, populated with a regular bunch of locals and those testing out the recently revamped eatery.

We visited Rosie for a family brunch last weekend, on a bone-chilling cold sort of day. We liked its open plan design, soft lighting, boldly coloured ottoman seats, and the roof tiled with white shutters. The kitchen is divided from the dining area by a striking marble cabinet that showcases rustic bread rolls filled with mayo-chicken and crispy bacon, along with small cakes, donuts, eclairs, macarons and other sweet treats.

To start, we ordered some coffees, juices and smoothies to drink alongside our complimentary sparkling water. For our artfully presented mains, we had the smashed eggs on toast, omelette with smoked fish, green eggs benedict with kale, and a couple of the mushroom dishes with crunchy croutons. The delivery of our meals was very smooth and quick, but they are not large, so some of their sides or extras wouldn’t go a miss when ordering.

We were in an indulgent mood, so followed this with the apple pie that consisted of stewed apple and caramelized walnuts – utterly divine. In addition, we had a slice of the moist orange-almond cake smothered in chocolate icing and one of their jam filled donuts. Mm mmm.

On the fancy side of café dining, Rosie’s menu changes depending on what is seasonal and available, which makes interpreting some of the less-than-standard ingredients in dishes a little difficult. Also, the prices are on the high-end of the spectrum.

But, if you’re looking for a stylish cafe that doubles as a location for dinner and drinks in Parnell, Rosie is it.

Worth checking out,

Victoria, Laura & Claudia x

Location: 82 Gladstone Road, Parnell, Auckland. Mon – Sun, 6:30am – late

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