Numerous recommendations (and Instagram snaps) lead us to L’oeuf  for brunch this weekend. The cafe has burgeoned into a very popular spot – which meant we had to wait a short while for a table – but it was well worth it, as the food was visually stunning and tasted as good as it looked.

The cafe is a simple design, with a few outdoor tables, lots of big wooden seats inside, some hanging plants and a welcoming atmosphere.

In contrast, the menu is out of the ordinary and exotic. Between us we ordered: the Cambodian made from sweet black banana rice, served on a bed of salted coconut cream with lychees ($16.50); the Russian made with lemon vodka cured salmon tartare, topped with a free-range poached egg and served with dill and lemon cream cheese, and a thick slice of seeded toast ($19.00); and the Nest artfully designed and made from two sunflower seed crumbed soft-boiled eggs, in a filo nest with beetroot ketchup, feta and a rocket salad, with a side of bacon ($23.50). The food not only looked incredible, but the flavours and textures in each dish were thoughtfully selected, working harmoniously together.

From the drinks menu, we ordered a couple of their Atomic coffees ($4.50 each), a japanese lime green tea ($4) and also tried the orange blossom and mango lassi ($6), which was a thick, sweet drink made from yoghurt. The fresh baking at the counter won us over as we went to pay, so we made off with one of their dainty plum and coconut cakes too.

An excellent brunch, with friendly service! We highly recommend that you make a visit to L’oeuf.

Charlotte, Victoria & Claudia x

Location: 4A Owairaka Ave, Mt Albert, Auckland.











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