Richmond Rd Cafe

What a fabulous weekend it’s been with all this sunshine! And yesterday we visited one of Charlotte’s favourite spots too, Richmond Rd Cafe.

We always return to this cafe because we like the smooth service and think it does great eggs. It’s ideal for a lazy weekend brunch or lunch.

The cafe is deceivingly large, with lots of seating inside and a few seats perched outdoors at the entrance. There are dark, wood panels on the ceiling which add to the subtly sophisticated atmosphere.

We both ordered aromatic japanese-lime, green tea to begin with. Charlotte then chose the herbed omelette of spinach and little horror tomatoes (which they happily made egg-white only) with a side of mushrooms. I had ‘The Vegetarian’ with scrambled eggs, agria loaf, roasted portobello mushrooms, grilled haloumi, wilted greens, slow roasted little horror tomatoes & pain cereal. We thought the food tasted fresh and delicious.

There are always filled rolls and other goodies to choose from and take-away, including a spattering of sweet treats at the counter.

A very good spot away from the hustle of Ponsonby road, which we would highly recommend for their eggs – whether you like yours in an Eggs Benedict, omelette or simply scrambled!

Charlotte & Victoria x

Location: 318 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn. 7am – 4pm, 7 days.









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