This morning we visited Catroux in Westmere. We reviewed the cafe a while ago for lunch, but this time we tried the seasonal brunch menu and  were very impressed by the food.

We like the design of the cafe with its all-white interiors making it feel larger than it is. The space is dominated by a glass cabinet filled with fresh salads and sandwiches, alongside lots of sweet, baked treats. A beautiful vase of flowers always sits on the shared table by the front window.

The menu is strung up on the wall and from this Laura chose the omelette stuffed with haloumi, chargrilled pumpkin, pesto and 5-grain toast. She said the flavours were rich but satisfying. I had the ‘Energizer’ and would definitely order it again. It consisted of smoked salmon and a free-range poached egg, stacked on a pile of rocket, avocado, cottage cheese, soft pickled beetroot and toasted pumpernickel bread.

They have an extensive selection of baking to choose from, such as sandwiched butterscotch-peanut cookies, Louise slice, lamingtons and homemade donuts. We stole away with a piece of moist, plum and frangipane tart. They also do great fresh juices!

The service could have been a bit more welcoming and attentive, but Catroux is worth trying for its fresh, tasty food in a clean and causal environment.

Laura & Victoria x

Location: 129 Westend Road, Westmere













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