Little Bird Unbakery

Eating unprocessed and healthy food is a trend that has picked up speed in the last year, and with the recent addition of a Little Bird ‘Unbakery’ to Ponsonby, we have no doubt it will continue to gain momentum. Yesterday Laura and I visited for breakfast, while Charlotte made a trip today to try out this new raw-food haven.

Little Bird produces raw snacks and meals which use organic ingredients. They define their raw food as food that has not been heated above 46 degrees celsius, so the food retains its enzymes and nutrients, making it more nutritionally beneficial for your body. Everything is gluten, dairy and refined-sugar free, making it a perfect place for people with food allergies or specific dietary requirements.

The Ponsonby Unbakery is much larger and more impressive than its Kingsland counterpart (which we reviewed last year in September) with lots of seating and a wonderful, airy feel. It has a vibrant atmosphere and is beautifully designed with great attention to detail.

The menu is incredibly inventive and uses lots of unique ingredients that the staff are more than happy to describe for you! I ordered the wholesome Chia Bircher, with gluten-free oats, chia, goji, apple, almond, lemon, cinnamon, young coconut – topped with coconut yoghurt and berry-chia jelly. Laura had a raw ‘bagel’ topped with zesty avocado, tahini and slaw. We also shared a maca smoothie, which tasted like chocolate milk. Charlotte tried the Acai Bowl, which is a blend of fresh acai berries and banana topped with grawnola, fresh fruit, and coconut yoghurt.

Raw food is surprisingly filling, but we couldn’t make a visit without indulging in some of the beautiful raw cakes and tarts that were sitting so innocently nearby. We picked the raspberry & ginger tart and blueberry cheesecake. Both were creamy, richly flavoured and a-ma-zing.

There is a wide range of raw products to buy in store which include cereals, snacks, grawnola, crackers and macaroons (we are huge fans of their macaroons – particularly the vanilla & almond, and cacao & raspberry flavours). Or you can shop online or visit one of their stockists. Little Bird ‘Unbakeries’ definitely lead the way when it comes to eating-out raw. We highly recommend a visit!

Laura, Charlotte & Victoria x

Location: Ponsonby ~ 1a Summer street. 7am – 4pm, 7 Days. 09 555 3278. Kingsland ~ 385 new north road. 8am – 2.30pm Tuesday – Friday. 8am – 3pm Saturday. Closed Sunday / Monday. 09 550 7377. No outdoor seating.












6 thoughts on “Little Bird Unbakery

  1. I have to admit, I was suspicious about raw food for a long time but recently tried some of the treats from Little Bird and they were tasty. Not “good for for raw” but good for eating in general. I think when healthy food tastes pretty good for healthy food, that’s fine, but when it tastes good for eating regardless of the health benefits, it’s even better.

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