Best Ugly Bagels

How do you make sure no one steals your bagels?

You put lox on them.

Hehe. Laura and I finally made it to Al Brown’s ‘Best Ugly Bagels’ today for lunch. It is a bagel shop of sorts, where artisan bagels are hand rolled and wood fired in front of your eyes, then served up speedily with your choice of spread or filling.

It is found inside a converted warehouse in the CBD, with lots of parking which makes it a convenient stop. The atmosphere is very casual, and slightly retro, with an old-school intercom system used to announce when your order is up! Coffee comes either black or white, and there is only outdoor seating.

Laura ordered a filled TAB (tomato, avocado & Basil) ($8) with a thick layer of avocado and quite a sweet flavour, and I ordered a traditional filled KING (Lox, Capers, red onion & cream cheese), which was tasty but a little pricier ($12). We finished with a cinnamon and raisin bagel, smothered in Ugly’s homemade hazelnut spread ($4.50). All the bagels had a satisfying, chewy texture.

Unlike the USA or elsewhere overseas, bagel shops are not very common in New Zealand. For that reason, we think Ugly Bagels offers an unparalleled experience for those with simple or sophisticated bagel tastes, and is something to tick off your list!

Victoria & Laura x

P.S. ‘Lox’ is cured salmon.

Location: City Works Depot, Cnr Wellesley & Nelson Street, Auckland. Open 7-3 everyday.











2 thoughts on “Best Ugly Bagels

    1. We hadn’t tried Montreal-styled bagels before! Definitely found them to be sweeter, and also quite a bit smaller, than the NYC bagels we were used to 🙂

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