We found a little slice of dessert-heaven this afternoon! Tucked away discreetly in The Pavilions at Britomart is Milse, a beautiful dessert restaurant and patisserie with degustation dessert menus and à la carte delights to choose from. It only opened two days ago, and we predict it will become a very popular spot!

The intricate lattice walls and gorgeous cakes and treats on display, create a space that is a feast for the eyes. There are a handful of seats and tables at the back of the restaurant, which look into the open kitchen where chefs are busy, trays of macarons lie setting and a huge vat of chocolate continuously swirls around.

Cakes, tarts, chocolates, gelato…there was a lot of variety and it all looked amazing. From the cabinet, I chose the indulgent salted-caramel gelato on a stick, while Claudia had the bombe alaska with berry gelato and a light citrus base. Laura picked the fresh fig and vanilla tart with a divine, creamy centre.

We also took away a selection of their vibrantly coloured macarons. We’d highly recommend the salted caramel flavour, and also the raspberry. However, the lavender, chocolate, pistachio and hazelnut were all delicious and had a wonderfully chewy texture too.

An elegant and unique concept, Milse is a place we’ve easily fallen in love with! We can’t wait to order off their dessert menu and think it is a perfect stop for something sweet, for an elegant dessert or for a cute evening for two 😉

Claudia, Laura & Victoria

Location: The Pavilions at Britomart, 27 Tyler Street, Britomart, Auckland. 9.30am – late











12 thoughts on “Milse

  1. The frozen goods look eerily similar (actually looks incredibly similar) to Messina Gelato in Sydney. But hey, isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?! Anywho, it looks ah-mah-zing. Thanks for the share, girls!

  2. I went recently and it was sooo crowded, you couldn’t even see the displays without being squished against them :/ but the macarons are so good! A suggestion, giving a price rating for the places you went might help us readers decide as well! (: love what you guys are doing

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