Ripe delicatessen

We can’t get enough of Ripe delicatessen at the moment, although Charlotte has been obsessed with their food for quite sometime now!

It is one of the many foodie-stops on Richmond road, but really stands out with their array of incredible, fresh creations for take-away (there are a few tables and seats outside if you’re lucky enough to find one free).

We love a good salad, and Ripe has the best we know of. However, they don’t make choosing easy, with at least four different varieties on any day. Many are made from bases of quinoa, white beans, red beans, lentils, rocket and other lettuces, and tossed with delicious dressings and herbs which are full of flavour. You can choose to have a side of protein, such as baked chicken or marinated salmon, which will be weighed out for you and priced accordingly.

Today Laura had the tuna and white bean salad, while I had a mix of the quinoa salad and also the prawn and lettuce one, with a side of chicken. They were both filling and yummy. Laura also had a freshly squeezed pineapple, apple, orange and ginger juice.

We couldn’t go past their cabinet full of baking without getting something too. As we stood there, debating whether to pick the pear layered cake, or the strawberries & cream brownie, golden peach shortcake, an apple & cinnamon cream donut, or a mexican horchata cakette, several freshly baked loaves came out of the oven and were placed in the cabinet in front of us. We died a bit inside. Everything looked so scrumptious.

We ending up selecting a brownie with cream cheese and white chocolate filling – and as far as a moist, rich brownie goes, it was perfect.

Ripe honestly has healthy, fresh, wholesome foods we would eat everyday if we could. On top of salads they do coffee, cold drinks, wraps, quiches, sandwiches and other lunch options, with seed slices and muffins for morning tea too. We highly recommend a visit, you won’t be disappointed!

Laura & Victoria x

Location: 172 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, Auckland











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