Foxtrot Parlour

On this gorgeous day, we visited Ponsonby Central and Foxtrot Parlour for a late brunch. Laura had heard their waffles were amazing so we had thought we’d give them a try.

It’s a trendy spot with shared tables and the option of sunny seats outside. The design of the interior creates a casual and comfortable atmosphere. The kitchen opens onto the cafe, which has warm wooden floors and exposed brick and concrete walls. We liked the beautiful purple flowers on each table.

Food-wise, there was lots to choose from on the menu. We ordered the waffles with coconut cream and maple syrup, and the salmon gravalax on 5-grain which was full of yummy flavours. Each meal came out on a wooden-block, which was unique although a bit hard to eat off. The coffee was good and strong, and Laura liked her green spinach and kiwi smoothie. Charlotte simply ordered a green tea as she’d already eaten.

The savoury cabinet contained a lot of pastries and substantial bites for a take-away meal, but the sweet cabinet was quicker to captivate our interests! The lamingtons, carrot cakes with cream-cheese frosting and donuts looked particularly amazing. We’d give them a try for afternoon tea.

Our waitress was very friendly and helpful. We thoroughly enjoyed the start to our day, and thought the waffles were as fab as we’d been told! Now off to enjoy this sunshine.

Charlotte, Victoria & Laura x

Location: Ponsonby Central (136-138 Ponsonby Road), Ponsonby, Auckland











4 thoughts on “Foxtrot Parlour

  1. Thanks for the recommendation and I’ve really enjoyed your blog! I went to Foxtrot Parlour today for brunch and had yummy poached eggs and bacon sitting outside in the sun! I also had to try one of their donuts and it was the best I’ve ever had! Absolute donut perfection!

    1. You’re welcome! Glad you enjoyed it. Haven’t visited in a while so really should go back, they always have the most delicious cakes and things – their donuts are famous!

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